What is Zen?

 Kodo Sawaki Roshi in Zazen


Briefly expained

The essence of Zen is the practice of correct „Meditation“, – Zazen (sitting in the zen posture): One sits on a cushion, the legs are crossed in the lotus position, the spine is straight and stretched. Then one breaths slowly and gently. All thoughts, feelings, etc, are released.




In more detail

Zazen means to simply sit in an upright posture in deep concentration. “Simply” means that the vitality of body and mind are intensively brought together, concentrated and immersed in the Zazen posture. By doing this, body and mind are completely awake and centered as a whole in the powerful stillness of the present time.

Our individual life thus becomes anchored in the original depth of life. The body and mind can draw on its inner source, replenish itself and can become independent of the need to achieve a goal or confirmation from without. The limitations of a consciousness that has to count everything and is always in search of a personal profit, falls away. Life manifestes itself in its immediate quality.

The Zen posture is achieved by sitting upright on a cushion with your legs crossed. The awareness is focused on the vigor of the posture and a slow, gentle breath. Thoughts and images that arise within the space of the concentrated mind are neither pushed aside nor judged nor followed. The consciousness and the subconscious are given the chance to empty themselves. Body and mind thus return to their original clear state.

Zen is by its nature the experiencing of a deeper quality of reality. This experience is based on practice and can neither be anticipated nor substituted by thinking. Words and concepts are not able to capture the living reality. The Zen path is the actualization of a deeper reality through practice.



In even greater detail

You will experience it when you practice Zen.

Weekly schedule

Monday:7:00 - 8:40 pm
Wednesday:7:00 - 8:20 pm
Friday:7:00 - 8:40 pm

Please arrive at least 15 Minuten before Zazen begins.

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