What is Zen?

Kodo Sawaki Roshi in Zazen

Zen is Buddha way

The path that Buddha Shakyamuni trod to full awakening. He awakened to his original nature along with all sentient beings.
He did this in a seated, upright posture – zazen.

One who follows the Zen path practices zazen.
However, zazen, sitting in contemplation, concentration, is not practiced to attain enlightenment; rather, according to Master Dôgen, it is the consequence of our innate, original awakening. Because every sentient being has Budhha nature – so do we too.

Therefore, sitting in the posture of the Buddha is self-sufficient, with no particular goal, regardless of external or internal circumstances, and takes us straight into the present moment.

Only the present moment allows us to live in reality.

The reality, however, is beyond our personal world of illusions and sensitivities – unattainable for the ego and yet right before our eyes.

We cannot walk the Buddha path (only) for ourselves. It is the Great Way of practicing together, of cooperation.
In the Zen Dôjô, the place of practice, there are very different personalities – each for himself and yet together at the same time.


In zazen, the posture of the sitting Buddha, we simply directly express our true self.

However, our karma is persistent and it is very difficult for our ego to let go.
Therefore, in the Zen path, we attach great importance to education by an authentic teacher and by the group.

When a Zen master was asked if he could sum up his experience in one sentence, he replied, “As little personal as possible.”

Only through a distance to our personal sensitivities can the necessary space arise in which our original nature blossoms and becomes the source of our existence.


Weekly schedule

Monday:7:00 - 8:40 pm
Wednesday:7:00 - 8:20 pm
Friday:7:00 - 8:40 pm

Please arrive at least 15 Minuten before Zazen begins.

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